So here's the story, back around 2004 or 2005 I was at the end of my lucrative manual labor career and was getting ready to make a change. I had purchased this 71 ford Thunderbird Hardtop a few years previous and, after a few years of being unable to work on it, it had degraded till the point it wasn't fit to be used in my new career. so it was parked. Now, after a few years, I am able to pull it back outta the tree line and attempt to resurrect it. This blog will follow along with the progress from rust bucket hoopty to a (once again) nice ride.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Third Time is the charm

The xi-1 kit from Crane Cams that would have came in on the 23rd is a good part. Both mounting holes are there. Batting 33% isn't bad .. umm.. I guess.. I am just hoping that the apperent QC issues at Crane Cams doesnt extend into the internals of the module I will be installing.

I am looking forward to getting this part of the project finished.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

OMG What is going on at Crane Cams

So I was working on getting new plug wires, new rotor/cap and a points conversion kit installed on the Bird. The Point to electronic kit that I ordered was made by Crane Cams, the xi-1 kit. I ordered this kit through Advance Auto parts here locally.

Despite it being very plain that the kit includes a bottom adapter plate that has two mounting holes in it. (image of parts in the kit) (pdf of instalation instructions showing diagram with holes in plate and text indicating there should be holes) The first kit that came into the parts house had a bottom plate without the mounting holes drilled.. I didn't notice this of course until I took it home and read the instructions and looked at the pieces.. I took it back to the parts house the next day, told the kid behind the counter the problem and got another kit on the way. A few days later when it came in I checked out the pieces there at the counter and AGAIN the bottom adapter plate was missing the mounting holes... The kid made a few calls to his boss checking part numbers and applications to make sure that this was indeed the correct application.. it was.. They ordered me another kit this time through their website hoping that it might come from a different warehouse and thus perhaps a separate batch of parts.

Evidently somebody at Crane Cams was asleep at the switch.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rear brakes and LIGHTS!!

Well so I pulled the rear drums to take a peek back there as well.. The left rear needed a little heat inspiration but pinged loose pretty quick.. I would have to say that everything really looked all right in both sides.. still pad left on them and still shiny parts in there.. I'm not gonna bother any further into the rear brakes.

Also, while I was walking through WallyWorld doing my grocery shopping I thought I would walk down the lighting isle. I had been pondering the low-light situation I have in the garage for a little bit.. looked at a few prices online and such. They had a pretty good price on four foot shop lights so I bought two and put the entire mess up on the ceiling before I started messing about with the rear brakes. Lot better in there now.. Can see what I'm doing.

I pulled the spark plug wires out of the distributor cap and they looked pretty green on the ends.. I pulled them off of the plug and had one leave the terminal on the plug so I will be doing some new wires and a ignition point conversion kit next. Down to the parts house tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brakes and bearings

The car is now back on the ground.. I repacked and replaced the brake assembly on the right front and preloaded everything to spec. and went around and did the drivers side.. The nut on the drivers side was still mostly tight. Way different torque than the passenger side. The bearings on the drivers looked alright as well. So I repacked them and preloaded everything to spec. I am going to see if I can find a length of clear hose to stick onto the end of the bleed screw and into a bottle of some brake fluid as the pedal is spongy.. and it is to much work to jam the stick in between the seat and the pedal and open/close.. and repeat.. not to mention hard on the front of the seat with the stick jammed in there..

Soon as I get the fronts fully blead and such I plan to put the back wheels up the in air and take a look inside the rear drums and readjust the parking brake.

After that is done I will be investigating a back firing through the carb problem... not really back FIREing.. as much as back misting.. with the brake engaged in drive and a foot on the gas it will really bog itself out and back fire through the carb.. thinking maybe a ignition point conversion kit (do away with them) and plugs and wires..