So here's the story, back around 2004 or 2005 I was at the end of my lucrative manual labor career and was getting ready to make a change. I had purchased this 71 ford Thunderbird Hardtop a few years previous and, after a few years of being unable to work on it, it had degraded till the point it wasn't fit to be used in my new career. so it was parked. Now, after a few years, I am able to pull it back outta the tree line and attempt to resurrect it. This blog will follow along with the progress from rust bucket hoopty to a (once again) nice ride.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Dems da brakes

Due to a request by pa the brakes were the next thing to be looked after. Remanned calipers and new pads.. I had intended to also check and repack wheel bearings, though half way into the drivers side I wimped out and only did the calipers and pads.. (top picture is before, middle picture is after).. When I went around to the passenger side I discovered after removing the rim that the disk was hard to turn by hand... now I know that there is supposed to be some drag from the pads on the disk but this took a bit more than a general effort. I got the caliper off and discovered that the pads were wearing unevenly (bottom picture) The inside pad was wearing thin at the rear and the outside pad was wearing thin at the front. Seeing this i decided to dig a bit deeper into the wheel, I pulled the greese cap and discovered the nut on the bearing to be 'loose'.. like no tool required to remove it.. like so loose that I was able to tighten it by hand.. That got me to thinking 'boy I hope the bearings aren't screwed up. so I pulled that side apart the rest of the way and cleaned all the parts good in some gas.. I am happy to say the bearings and races look o.k.. I will get a couple new greese seals (and a grease gun and perhaps a bearing paking tool for it) and repack the right front.. before returning to the left front and dissasembling/repacking it for good measure. Perhaps I will also call up the Muffler and Brake shop to see how much disk resurfacing would run..

EDIT: Here is the information I will be using from a 67-69 Thunderbird Manual I found online.

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Anonymous said...

nut can be turned by just fingers.nut can be tightened by fingers.bearing preload is the thing to do for a good finished job.put in the key to hold in place